How to Get Motivated to Draw Every Day

Aug 23, 2023
A photo of A Dad Who Draws lifting a pencil in the streets of Philadelphia.

As an artist who's been on this creative journey for a while, I've had my fair share of moments when I felt stuck or uninspired. But guess what? You're not alone, and there are ways to overcome these hurdles and keep your creative flame burning bright.

1. Finding Inspiration to Draw Again

Let's address the first question: "How do I get inspiration to draw again?" Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. Here's what I recommend:

  1. Explore Your Surroundings: Sometimes, all you need to do is step outside and observe the world around you. Urban sketching, for example, is an excellent way to find inspiration in everyday scenes. Try visiting a local park or cafe and let the world around you ignite your creativity.
  2. Keep a Sketchbook: Always carry a sketchbook with you. You never know when an idea will strike, and having a sketchbook handy ensures you can capture it immediately. Sketching on the go can lead to wonderful, spontaneous creations.
  3. Study Other Artists: Don't hesitate to explore the work of other artists. It can spark your creativity and give you fresh ideas. Try visiting art galleries, following artists on social media, or reading art books to see different styles and techniques.

2. Motivating Yourself to Do Art

The second question, "How do I motivate myself to do art?" is a common one. Motivation can be elusive, but these tips can help:

  1. Set Goals: One of my personal best practices is setting specific goals. It's like embarking on a mini art adventure each day. Here's how I do it: I start off with this question - "What do I want to learn to draw?" Let's say you wanted to draw a horse. Then, I would set a goal of drawing one 15-minute horse head each day.

    Why is this important? Well, here's the thing: It's much better to spend shorter amounts of time each day on your art versus a single long session once a week. Daily practice keeps your skills sharp and your motivation high. It's like building a bridge of progress brick by brick rather than trying to build the entire bridge in one day.

    Setting daily goals, even if they're just 15 minutes, ensures you stay engaged with your art and steadily improve over time. Plus, achieving small goals daily provides a great sense of accomplishment and keeps you eager to tackle the next challenge.
  2. Create a Routine: Incorporate drawing into your daily routine. It becomes a habit over time, making it easier to stay motivated. Consider dedicating a specific time each day for your art, whether it's in the morning before work or in the evening.
  3. Join Art Communities: Surround yourself with like-minded artists. Join art groups or forums, or consider taking online classes. The support and camaraderie can be incredibly motivating. Sharing your progress and receiving feedback can boost your enthusiasm.

3. Is It Okay to Not Draw for a Day?

Absolutely, it's okay to take a break! The creative process can be demanding, and burnout is a real thing. Remember, breaks can be just as valuable as drawing itself. Recharging your creative batteries is essential for long-term motivation. Use this time to explore other interests or simply relax and rejuvenate.

4. Overcoming Hesitation

Lastly, let's tackle the question of why we might be hesitant to draw.

Remember, every artist faces moments of hesitation. The key is to push through those doubts and keep drawing. Embrace your imperfections because they're a part of your artistic journey. Every stroke of the pen or brush is a step forward.

Getting motivated to draw every day is achievable. It's about finding inspiration, setting goals, creating a routine, and being kind to yourself when you need a break. Keep nurturing your passion for art, and you'll continue to grow as an artist.

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So, go ahead, grab your sketchbook, and let's make today a masterpiece! Happy drawing, everyone!


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